Friday, July 21, 2017

Another Finish: Serviettes

Due to my relationship with Hello Kitty, I'm very popular with the under-10 set.  Little girls love that they know an adult with a love for Hello Kitty that equals their own.

I was having a rough evening recently and decided that I would cheer myself by stitching with some Hello Kitty fabric:

It worked like a charm!
A family of special little girls will get to enjoy Hello Kitty while they dine.  They are part of a large family, so I figured a dozen Serviettes should do it:

Then I figured, "Hey, I like Hello Kitty, too!"  So I made four more, just for me:

I wrapped up the serviettes for the little girls with some Hello Kitty ribbon so they are ready to deliver at church this week:

Do you use cloth napkins?  Would you use Hello Kitty napkins, or is that too "out there?"

Thursday, July 20, 2017

MAIL CALL: The Letter "R"

Little Boy loved his Rocket Ship postcard, so now I have to send him all of the letters to learn to spell it!

My HQ Stitch 710 machine is my partner for this project. It handles threads beautifully and makes hundreds of decorative stitches!

This card was stitched with FabuLux Midas Touch thread.  It's another one of my go-to machine quilting threads:

And it's ready to mail!

Next week, I'll make an O!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

1000 Postcards For Peace -- #3 Not Forgotten

Sometimes I need to turn off the news and quilt.  I stitched this postcard while I was trying to process some difficult local news:

That blue flower is a forget-me-not (myosotis).  I stitched some subtle background designs using Salmon InvisiFil to blend well with the peach fabric:

I stitched the edge in black thread as a symbol of mourning:

The name of this piece is "Not Forgotten."

I'm not done processing this event.  I will play with this flower more in future postcards.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Cutie Quilt: Jack's Star

The winner of the first Cutie Madness contest, Jack's Star Cutie Pattern, is very dear to me since I named it after my late father.

I made this version with yummy organic Safari Sweet II fabric:

I quilted swirls and feathers:

Double-bubble ribbon candy and continuous curve:

More feathers:

I finished binding this in my hotel room recently:

I will likely keep this quilt in the family.

Monday, July 17, 2017

And the Winner Is....

Jack's Star with over 85% of the vote!

Here's the current bracket:

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Cutie Madness -- week one

Today is the last day to vote for this week's Cutie Madness contest where readers choose their favorite of my Cutie Quilt Patterns.

This week's quilts are:

Jack's Star

Forever in Peace:

Vote for your favorite HERE

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Baby Came Back!

One of my quilts was returned to me this week!

I designed my Field of Flowers Cutie Quilt with Sandra Clemons' In Bloom fabric for Quilt Market in May:

After Quilt Market, my quilt went to a show in Belgium.  Although I'm glad it's home, a few insects found their way into the mailing box:

Are these the cutest butterflies you've ever seen?

Obviously, I immediately bought the pattern.

I see many more butterflies in my future!


Are you following the Cutie Madness?  Each week readers will pick their favorite of my 16 Cutie Quilt Patterns.

This week's quilts are:

Jack's Star

Forever in Peace:

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Quilt Finish: Irresistible Placemats

Some types of quilts are simply irresistible.*

These placemats are exactly that:

These are leftover from my Irresistible Cutie Quilt:

It's a simple four-patch quilt, but the quilting makes it special:

Would you believe that this quilt pattern was inspired by a simple spool of thread?  Meet my FabuLux Be Cool:

I picked all of the fabrics to match this humble spool of thread, and am absolutely delighted with the quilt as well as the scrappy placemats.

Quilting is Irresistible.

*You are welcome for the earworm.


Are you following the Cutie Madness?  Each week readers will pick their favorite of my 16 Cutie Quilt Patterns.

This week's quilts are:

Jack's Star

Forever in Peace:

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

MAIL CALL: The Letter "Q"

I recently visited Little Boy and we were discussing the quilt that I gave to Little Boy #2.

Grandma: "What do you call this?"
Little Boy:  "A blanket."
Grandma:  (wince) "Do you call it anything other than a blanket?  Like when you sleep under it?"
Little Boy:  "Covers."
Grandma:  (eye twitches furiously) "Little Boy, when Grandma makes you one of these filled with her love, it's called a Quilt!"
Little Boy:  "Well, Mommy calls them 'Covers' when you aren't here."
Grandma:  (instant migraine)

Once I recovered from the trauma, I decided that the next postcard that Little Boy needed was a Q:

Of course it had to be made with a patchwork quilt on it!

I pressed the seams open so that the fabric would fuse flatly to the Peltex.

I make a lot of quilts with bright colors.  When many bright colors are in the same quilt and I am going to quilt the quilt with only one thread color, I choose FabuLux Mellow Yellows 99% of the time.

It's one of my most-used thread colors for machine quilting.

Do you think Little Boy will learn to call them quilts now?  If not, what else can I do to convince him?  I'm not above bribery.


Are you following the Cutie Madness?  Each week readers will pick between two of my 16 Cutie Quilt Patterns.

This week's quilts are:

Jack's Star

Forever in Peace:

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

1000 Postcards for Peace -- #2 With Thanks

I was away for half of June and desperately needed to put thread on fabric.  It just feels wrong when I don't quilt, y'know?

I grabbed a pack of bright InvisiFil threads:

I really wanted bright-yet-subtle quilting on white fabric and this package of 100-weight polyester thread fit the bill!

I threw a Deco-Bob bobbin in my Sweet Sixteen and started stitching some of my favorite quilting motifs in some of my favorite colors

After I stitched the motifs, I echoed everything with lime green thread:

When I had quilted enough fabric, I cut a 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" section to make a postcard by fusing it onto stabilizer:

I satin-stitched the edge with FabuLux In The Pinks because... well... pink!

I sent this card as a much-overdue thank you note to a family member.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Cutie Quilt: Squared Away

It's no secret that I love Cutie Quilts.  I eat, sleep, and dream fat eighths and spend most of my time devising new ways to cut and piece them together to design new Cutie Patterns.

Squared Away was my first published Cutie Pattern and I've made many different versions of this quilt.

I recently finished a low-volume version:

I quilted this exclusively with ribbon candy and only quilted the brown strips.  I used wool batting so that the unquilted areas would pop up and make this quilt dimensional.

I was teaching in Utah for 10 days and managed to finish binding a few quilts in my hotel room in the evenings.

Eleven years ago, I gave my son's future brother-in-law a quilt for his wedding.  In those eleven years, two things happened:

1.  They are officially in-laws
2.  The bride and groom loved their quilt to pieces (as reported by my son)

I always tell people to use their quilts and that I'll replace them if they wear out.  So, this quilt was a replacement wedding gift to a shocked and delighted bride.

This quilt couldn't have found a more perfect home!

Monday, July 10, 2017

HQ Academy: Quilting Elevated (part one)

I was honored to teach at Handi Quilter Academy in Layton, UT in June.  I'm still recovering from all of the fun!

I was able to film a short FB Live video each day which was exciting, mostly the "when will the wi-fi drop me?" type of fun, though.  If you missed them, go to "Debby Brown Quilts" Facebook page; all of the videos are archived there.

I taught most of my classes on the Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen and my students were true champions!

My work:

Their work:

See?  I told you they were champions!